Friday, April 3, 2009

Waterlogged and Hairy palms Or Peanutbutter and Jelly?

Would you rather have great chemistry or great sex? If you had to choose which would you want? I have rarely met a couple that has both.

Which leads me to wonder can one live on great chemistry alone and no sex, or great sex and no chemistry?

I have experienced great chemistry before but the sex wasn't that great but I loved his company. I never really experienced great sex before. I experienced good sex.

When I would be having sex I would most often stare at the ceiling at this time I would often wondered these two things:

When would this be over and secondly how I could manipulate it so we would end up in the shower?

I figured if I got my leg in the right spot I could grip the sides with my toes and I could get off if the water trickled down in that right little spot.

Yes I have had plenty of Orgasm later in life, but answer the question.....Great Sex and no Chemistry or No Great Sex and Chemistry?

I would rather have chemistry....I could always buy more toys or take a bottle of Champagne in the bath with me, come here rubber ducky!


  1. I'd rather have chemistry. The best relationship I ever had involved really bad sex but none stop laughter. My ex and never wanted to be apart- in fact we broke up because I couldn't give him all of my time any more. In the end I can always take care of business on my own, but I can't have chemistry alone!

  2. Chemistry is a tricky thing,but I go for chemistry. My first marriage had neither good chemistry or great sex but the bad chemistry did more damage. But I also dated a woman that we had great sexual chemistry but not much else. That got old after. Now my wife and I have a great balance but it is based on great chemistry, not just great sex

  3. Karen -
    I wholeheartedly agree with that one. When you have that chemistry with someone you can improvise with other aspects of your sexual life. I am sorry to hear that with the guy. Maybe your paths will intertwine again.

    Tim -
    To have neither great sex or chemistry must have been hard. Not to mention toxic. As for marriage now I think that is what it boils down to. Balance is the key!

  4. I am not sure if the question can be answered so simply. Sounds like a great blog question, though. Perhaps I will write a post on it Monday.

  5. Leesa-
    Be sure to get back to me on that!

  6. In my experience, you cannot have one without the other. great post.

  7. ...loveMaegan~
    That is awesome glad to hear that you have had both. Thanks for stopping by!