Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Most embarrasing sexual moments....if you dare to share

What are your most embarrassing sexual moments? If you don't want to leave your name just be anonymous.

Embarrassing moment number 1

I was straddling him and I was getting off and I hear, "Ahh don't stop" I noticed his head was going back and fourth and his hands were going through his hair. It looked more like a shampoo commercial than a man getting off. I stopped and looked down and he was still doing it. I smiled and said are you faking it? He looked at me trying not to laugh and said no. Then we both busted out in laughter. The sad thing is I kept going until I finished! I didn't but I should have.


  1. What, no anon posting option? Grrrrr.

    Once, I was on top, riding him and having a really good time. And then, all of a sudden, I tooted. Two bounces later, and I tooted again. I tooted like four time, and we started giggling. I was embarrassed, and I had no idea why I could not surpress the gas.

    I thought about smothering him with the pillow, to eliminate the embarrassing evidence, but then I would have to get rid of the body. The thought of moving a body much heavier than me . . . .

    Okay, now this comment is beginning to embarrass me. Where is the delete key?

  2. Leesa-
    I want to thank you so much for playing along and being such a good sport. That is what I love about your blog and your spirit. Thank you so much. I also enjoyed the laugh, a very much needed one at that.

    I also fixed the comments so anyone can do so with out their identity.

  3. One of the more embarrassing and yet funny moments was when a woman and I "hooked up"... am I too old to say that... for the first time. We had had this sexual tension for awhile and were at a trade show together. After a night of drinking and partying, we started in the elevator, got through my hotel room door and started tearing each others clothes off... Unfortunately, we failed to close the hotel room door. I'm really not sure how long the four people were at the door before they yelled into us and decided to close the door. (did I say there was a lot of drinking involved? ha ha)

  4. Tim-
    I like that story I really like it. Kind of erotic that the four people were watching you two go at it, not to mention the foreplay in the elevator.

    Sounds like a great time. Yes lots of drinking can make you do some pretty wild things that you later feel embarrassed about.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Your story was pretty funny too! Always better when you can laugh about it later.

  6. Thanks for the email SSC!!! I have to think of a good one and come back. LOL

  7. Tim-
    I have to agree when you say its always better when you can laugh about it later. GULP! What does that say when a guy has to fake it? Given the choices I would rather have an audience.

    Okay don't keep me waiting too long! LOL

  8. At the end of the night a guy was dropping me off from a date and things got sort of steamy in the car. There was knock on the driver's side window and, of course it was a cop. I live in a small town - where I know most of the cops and where my dad is on the town counsel. Even worse, this cop happened to live down the hall from me. It was about 7 years ago and he still makes fun of me about it.

  9. Karen~
    I would have died! I could only imagine and he still teases you about that?