Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bang Bang

I usually make the guys I date wait a probation period before I sleep with them. I am not impressed by how much money they have or what they do or where they take me and this and that. It is more their personality I mean if I want to get off I can do so by myself. I want some sort of connection or its pointless for me. Unless they catch me on an off night and I have had a little too much to drink. That has only happened a few times. I wanted to give it to him because the waiting period was up and I was going to surprise him tonight by having sex with him. Don't get me wrong we fooled around by touching, tasting and holding, just no implementing the goods. When he arrived to pick me up he had flowers in his hand and a box from Tiffany's in the other. It was a charm to go on my Tiffany's bracelet he bought me last month. He is the sweetest most respectable man I have ever dated. Not because he has money but because he is sweet and romantic like that. What guy buys you gifts for every month you have dated? So if you are counting you know this is the second month.

I quickly put the flowers in water and opened the present and thanked him so much. I thanked him with what seemed like a zillion kisses. I tried to politely get him out the door for two reasons, our dinner reservations and I didn't' want him to see the hallway that was adorn with rose petals that led to the bed. I placed them on the bed in a heart and the candles were ready to be lit when I got home. I figured when he would drop me off I would make some excuse for him to stay over.

When we walked out hand in hand I didn't notice his car but I noticed this big white limo. You didn't I smiled. He kissed my hand and whispered in my ear, "But I did." I was so excited as we were being driven to the restaurant. While inside the limo he poured me a drink. I hesitated and asked are you doing this just to sleep with me? By giving you a drink he asked. No by this, the flowers the limo and holding up my arm to the bracelet. You forgot dinner he smiled. Really are you doing this, he placed his finger over my mouth and said don't ruin the moment. Okay I thought I am just being too prude and to let it go and enjoy the evening. I mean it has been two months and he is still around so what if he wanted sex shit he was entitled to it. Just sit back and enjoy your drink I kept telling myself while thinking about what I would do to him him the bedroom.

When the door was being opened by the driver I noticed he looked so familiar, OMG it was my high school crush. We started talking and it turns out his father owns the company and he is helping out during the summer while finishing up his masters. Okay sorry where was I ahh right. Well then my date tells me as we are walking up to the restaurant he wanted to assure me that this had nothing to do with sex and he really cared about me and wanted this to be special and was hurt I thought such a thing. I told him I was sorry and I just had an off night and wanted to start over. He smiled and kissed the top of my head.

During dinner he is talking about himself and how great he is and what cases he is working on and which high profile client he has and he is just being such an arrogant ass. The more and more he is talking tonight makes me so happy I never slept with him. Seriously I couldn't wait to get out of there. I am not sure what happened to the nice guy I dated for two months? The sweet charmer not the asshole. Who I might add kept checking his cellphone and calling our waitress sweetie. I had no idea why he was being so arrogant I didn't think I did anything wrong. Not to mention when I was fumbling for my lip gloss in my purse I noticed there was a note inside my bracelet box he bought me.

It said to my beautiful Lani and some other bullshit, yeah it would be nice if my name was Lani. I looked up and I realized I could do two things one would be to do the whole dramatic throwing of the wine or do the lady like thing and finish up this date and be happy I never fucked him. Still talking about himself and how great he is and flirting with anything that had legs that walked by the table, made me want to vomit because I was just too far away to impale myself on the white picked fence outside the restaurant. Or perhaps hang myself from the string of lights that decorated the outside patio.

As I thought it would never end and five glasses of wine later the check came. I couldn't stumble fast enough to the limo. Hold on tiger he said take it easy we will be home soon enough. Not fast enough in my mind dick head is what I wanted to say. As the door was being open I forgot that my high school crush the "All American Boy~Football star in high school" was my driver. That kind of perked me up.

While driving home I laid my head on my dates shoulder. One thing led to another and he was inside me. I guess we were all over the place and I was positioned with my backside facing him while I was looking towards the rear view mirror if the driver had opened the window. All I kept thinking was this guy is lucky I am drunk or I am lucky that I am drunk because he sucks. HE sucks big time, I was hoping I would orgasm because my pussy was just drying up, yes he SUCKED THAT BAD. I waited two months for this? Ahh I just wanted him to cum and the driver to take me home so I could play with my toys. I guess I wasn't really paying attention and the next thing I know is the driver opening the door. Oh I'm sorry he said very apologetic and was about to close the door. No don't close it, join us I said. I can not believe I was saying this but I felt myself get wetter by those words rather than the cock inside me.

He looked scared but my date didn't seem to care. To my surprise he sat in the back seat and joined in the fun. I would have walked away if I was sober enough. The driver knew what to do while I was being dry humped or what was suppose to be sex from behind because yeah well my date can't screw.

The driver opened my legs and started eating me. "OH YES that felt good, so good, too good, oh yeah." I moaned. I felt my pussy pulsating and I wanted the Driver to take me or let me straddle him. My date was so turned on he came as the driver was still eating me out. Tasting both me and my date in his mouth. I quivered in ecstasy watching him lick both fluids that gushed out of me.

I quickly got off my date and his limp dick and straddled the Driver. As I was riding his hard cock I thought back to high school and how bad I wanted him back then. The thought that I was actually doing it now made me cum. He told me I wasn't finished yet and to suck my dates limp dick as he took me from behind.

It hurt so bad at first and I could see my cum dripping down my leg with a taint of red in it. This was my first time taking it from behind but I didn't care. My driver/high school crush was making me so wet that it made my ass water.

My dates dick was hard again and I was manipulated in a position where I was being taken from behind and in front. I was sitting on the driver and my legs were at my chest surrendering to my date. I have never felt this feeling before of two men taking me.

The power I felt, the pain, the satisfaction or the sheer thought that I was no longer the good girl.


  1. Okay, is this a true story or fiction. Just wondering. I like the writing style, just want to know if it is true.

  2. very hot.

  3. Leesa~
    That is a HUGE compliment coming from you. Thank you very much for the compliment. As far as if this is true or not....I'll never tell! :)

    Thanks sweetie!

    Southern Sage~
    I appreciate the compliment thank you.

    I was wondering what you were going to think! Happy you approved!