Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Affiar to Remember

I think I have ADD because when I use to try to get myself off I would often think of a million things and it would take hours to get off. I would be right there and then I would often wonder if I paid my gas bill or what exactly did my co-worker mean by that, the dishes need to be done, do you think my neighbors can hear my vibrator? Then it would happen I would have my fantasy my office one that is......

You know the office fox, the one the men drool after? Having sex on your bosses table with your stilettos in the air. The idea of this being taboo , ahh would make me want to reach my orgasm so much faster. Or perhaps bending me over my bosses desk that I hated for making me work over time. The ultimate revenge as I climaxed over his keyboard. Knowing that I am really not into my co-worker just knowing that I could get caught and I am dripping all over my bosses desk.

Then coming in the next day and watching him sip his coffee wondering if he smells anything different in his office?You know the smell of lust, sin, and me. I smile as I walk in and hand him his papers. He looks at me differently, perhaps he went from six to twelve. Does he secretly know I shook on his desk as my back side was being trusted? I gazed into his eyes. It felt so wrong looking at the picture frame of him and his wife as I was being banged. But I didn't care.

The co-worker I climaxed for giving me that look. Poor chap does he know he was just a toy or perhaps its me thinking I am all that and I in fact was the ploy-"cock"?

Perhaps this is why I own over two hundred pair of shoes? Each shoe is a different fantasy. So what is your fetish your fantasy? Don't worry I won't tell.


  1. Hmmmmm Good fantasy. I'll have to think a bit... I do have a couple. I'll be back.

    ps.. love the red shoes..

  2. Tim-
    Hmm why don't you share I would love to read about them.

    Red shoes do add the perfect touch!