Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The best Tuna roll ever!

When my boyfriend and I decided to move into together I was so happy. It was like playing house with out actually having to be bound by an oath. I loved seeing him everyday waking up in the middle of the night and straddling him whenever I wanted. We fucked like bunnies in every room of our apartment. On the stairs , table, washing machine, on the patio at night, kitchen and up against the walls. Our neighbors were not so pleased because they would hear the walls shaking when he was taking me hard. When he would fuck me on the bed it would move and crash into the wall.

One night when we were fucking the woman from upstairs came down and starting banging on the door. Keep it down you assholes. My boyfriend got up and answered the door naked. The lady was stunned and she just dropped her jaw. I was embarrassed with sheet wrapped around me. He said mockingly you can join us if you want. She just ran back up the stairs and we could hear her door slam.

We called it a night and then went to bed, well after he got me off!

The next day I had off from work and as I was cleaning she knocked on the door. I answered it and I was so embarrased I didn't know what to say. All I mustered was he isn't here we weren't having sex. She laughed and apologized for the other night. She had chocolate covered starwberries and champagne in her hand as a peace offering. She asked if she could come in. I opened the door and motioned for. I got two champagne glasses and we chatted and talked about different things.

She was telling me how she is an airline attendant and her husband travels a lot and when he gets home he is kind of cranky and doesn't like a lot of noise. She then began to tell me about all the exotic places she has traveled. She asked where I was from because I had an exotic look to me. While saying that she put her fingers through my hair. I kind of moved back and she apologized for being so touchy. We spent a good while talking and every week on my day off if she was around we would have a get together every Wednesday we would go have sushi and then go shopping for toys that would pleasure us or our men. We developed a friendship and we laughed at how we became such great neighbors.

We even went out on a couple of double dates with her husband and my boyfriend. Suzette was from France and she was so beautiful slender body blond long hair and beautiful green eyes. I loved how she spoke in her accent. Her husband, Alston was English a bit portly had a beer gut but absolutely handsome and very funny.

She was very open about her sexuality when we would hang out which was really embarrasing for me as I wasn't. She would talk openly about it while we would be out to dinner with our partners. Alston would just smile as his wife would tell their stories. My boyfriend would be listening and siping his beer. I would sometimes touch him and feel that he was semi hard and quickly grab him to cause a slight pain for getting aroused.

One night after our dinner we came back to my place and had some drinks. Alston had to fly the next day and was unable to join us. Suzette the drinking fish despite her husbands command to join him came and joined us for drinks.

We were all having a good time and then Suzette started telling one of her stories as a flight attendant and talking about the things people do on planes. I started to blush and my boyfriend and her started to laugh. Oh its okay my love she said as she placed her hand on my knee. I was very uncomfortable by the way she touched me. I moved my knee and she laughed again.

Are you afraid of me she asked. No, I just had an itch. An itch for me she smiled? My boyfriend was just smiling as he sipped his beer. She said don't be afraid you don't know unless you have explored. I have explored enough and visited enough places. My boyfriend then spit his beer out with laughter and then Suzette played with my hair. Oh I am sure you have but what I am talking about doesn't involve a passport to go traveling to exotic places rather your emotions and sensations take you there.

My boyfriend perked up and moved next to me on the sofa. What happened next surprised me. Suzette started rubbing my legs up and down which was a bit arousing and I would have moved but my boyfriend whispered in my ear, baby its okay go with it baby. My breathing started to get heavier. I was turning red partly due to embarrassment of getting turned on. Suzette moved her hand further down my thigh and then stuck her finger into my pussy. It was wet. I groaned which surprised me and I jumped up. Standing up I didn't know if I should make a run for it or just stand there and close my eyes and pretend this wasn't happening. I did the latter.

My boyfriend said baby its okay and sat me on the sofa kissed me and then laid me on the sofa. He told me to keep my eyes closed and relaxed. I love him so much I did as he asked. He kissed my lips, caressed my breasts. and kissed my stomach and massaged my thighs and then he stuck his tongue inside me. It felt good then I almost forgot how his long slender tongue felt inside me cold and icy as if he just sipped his beer. He never made me feel this good I started bucking and it was as if I was fucking his nose. I came and when I opened my eyes it was Suzette. Her face was in my pussy you could see her face emerged in my wetness. She told me I tasted so sweet. I wanted more.

I don't know how I managed to get up from the sofa but I did. I pushed her on the ground and I kissed her thighs. I couldn't believe I was doing this but I had to. It was as if a wild animal tasted blood for the first time. They craved it and yearned for it. I kissed her and pulled her hair, I sucked her nipples so hard while I was humping her leg with my drenched pussy. I lowered myself and kissed her thighs and stuck my tongue and swirled it around her clit. When she moaned I got up.

I had wanted to know what it would feel like if our pussy's touched. It was amazing we were rubbing and smacking them together. I liked rubbing them and bouncing with her. I made her lay back on her side and I got on top. We were swirling our wet pussy's together and we grabbed each others hair and sucked nipples as we kissed so passionately and then we laid on top of one another eating each other out.

That was the best tuna roll I ever had!


  1. Dear Sultry -- you just sweetly commented in my LJ, and I wanted to catch up with you here. This is such a pretty memoire! I'm not bi, as you know, but this works so beautifully as a "first time."


  2. hot - and fun! i enjoyed reading the great stuff on this blog. thanks for posting. readers who may be interested in learning about the secret world of phone sex operators are also welcome here.