Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dinner for three

As he walked in from a long day at work. The mood was set the dinning room table was prepared and the food was ready. I stand by the table in my apron and heels. He looks puzzled yet surprised, "Whats for dinner he asked?" I invite him to sit down and I explain he will love the five coarse meal I have planned. To start with your dining pleasure I invite your mouth to a warm sensation. "Sounds good he mumbles." I blindfold him and sit on the table where he is sitting. I open my legs and tell him he may begin. Still sitting there not knowing what to do while blindfolded. I guide his jaw with my hands caressing his face down towards my thigh.

I hear a moan and his breathing is getting harder. I don't need to direct as animal instincts take over. His mouth kissing my thighs and then sucking me. Twirling his tongue like never before. Watching his body move as it excites him while I am letting his tongue ravage me in every way, in and out and up and down. He takes the blindfold off and enters me slow at first then pumps me harder with his cock. I moan it feels so good. My back pressed firmly on the table as his weight is upon me. While he moves back so does every muscle which allows me to arch my back. On the table as I pier out the widow of our high rise apartment so close I can touch the stars. The night is as beautiful as the love we are making and I am about to cum.

I noticed the other building and as my eyes skim across from the moon and stars. I notice someone watching from their apartment. Nervously I wrap my legs around my lovers back and cling tight. He presses me back down on the table and fucks me harder. I am not looking into my lovers eyes rather the stranger in the dark. Watching the Stranger peer in I notice my nipples getting harder at the thought of him watching me cum.

I turn on my stomach and get on all fours on the table facing the window. Watching the stranger squirm as he notices I see him. I play along and lick my lips as I am being thrusted inside. I slowly move my way back so I am sitting backwards on my lover. I start to play with my nipples as I am gliding up and down his shaft. The stranger pulls out his cock and starts playing with himself as I am riding into ecstasy. My lover takes his hands and starts rubbing my clit as I am ridding him. We are moving our bodies to the rhythm of our breathing. I can't help it I open my legs wider as to invite the Stranger to imagine himself inside me.

My lover takes me in his embrace and then with all his force takes me to the window and presses my face against the icy window pane. First the side of my face then my lips. "You like that you dirty whore?" He asks, " You like him watching?" He then bends me over where I am touching my ankles as he takes me from behind. It hurts but the thought of the stranger watching as my lover violently claims his territory makes me cum. Its dripping down my thigh. I watch my lover through my legs and he is smiling as he knows he owns me in every way.

He pulls me up my hair and then makes me suck his cock while his back is against the window. I see the stranger rolling his head as he is moving his arm up and down and around his shaft. I watch him and it makes me suck harder and harder wanting and yearning for all his juice to consume me.

My lover opens my mouth with his finger and gentle takes his cock out grabs my hair then shoves my face against the window with his his hand behind my neck. So I can see the stranger as he pours his cum all over my face and hair for the Stranger to see. The Stranger finishes with the upward motions of his hands and shakes.

We draw the curtains and go to bed.

p.s. changed my name from Abby Normal to SSC

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