Monday, April 20, 2009

Cream for your coffee?

It was my first job in the corporate world and to start you had to intern before you get hired. Kind of like if being a Temp before being hired full time. The only difference as a Temp you get paid. The intern gig was for three months. So I took a loan out to live on and applied for the position.

When I first started I had no idea what to do. It was like a rat race and this was my first real job. I was use to taking orders so it was okay. Get me my coffee, make copies, can you run and get us lunch, my dry cleaning etc, that is what my day was like. I was more like the gofer than I was anything. How could they see my potential if all I was, was a free intern being their personal social run errands girl? This lasted for about a month. I didn't know what I was doing wrong everyone told me I was doing a great job. But being told you are doing a great job doesn't pay your bills. I was worried because there were so many other candidates doing the same thing. I had to stand out.

So the next day I walked into my bosses office and brought him a cup of coffee. He must have known what I was up to because he said, " I didn't ask for coffee." True but when you did I wanted to make sure you had a cup. Smiling and sizing me up and down. " Yes however if I left it on my desk because I didn't want coffee then it would be cold and not only did you wast a good cup of coffee, you wasted your time, my time and a perfectly good cup." I turned red, bright red and just smiled and nodded. He laughed and asked if I was that intern girl in marketing. I took a deep breath and said yes. He began to tell me he had his eye on me and he saw potential. I couldn't begin to think how. Unless he thought my copying skills would take me up the corporate ladder or perhaps picking up brokers dry cleaning would make that list.

He began to tell me how I was wasting my time with marketing he began to tell me how well I would do more in a corporate administrative role.

As weeks went by I always made sure I brought him coffee before he arrived in the morning and then in the afternoon after I did my daily bullshit chores of dry cleaning drop offs and copies and other crap around the office. I was a free intern trying to figure out how I was going to support my shoe fetish or better yet my rent.

Then a couple of months later he would call me in his office and we would just talk. He would tell me how well I was marketing the goods. I wasn't sure what he meant by that so I would just smile and then one day I asked if he would like cream for his coffee. He asked if I really wanted to know that. I looked at him strangely and said, yeah why?

He asked me if I liked my job. "You mean my internship?" Yes your internship. "Funny you should ask because I was wondering when I would be hired on for the marketing position." Well that position was filled already. "What?" He then told me to close the door. I did and then sat back down. We do have another position in employee relations but I am not sure if you are qualified for that position. "I am a real fast learner and I can be taught." He smiled and said lets see how you do with marketing your assets and we will review your qualifications in a week. I thanked him for his time and then left the office.

I wasn't sure what I was to do. So the next day and for weeks after I started wearing my skimpy suites to work with a form fitting skirt and high heels. Glasses and my hair in a bun. I made sure my shirt was low cut so if I was to bring my potential boss coffee he could see how well I market my assets.

Then one day I came into bring him coffee and he was on a conference call. He was waving his hands as to get me to leave. I just closed the door and sat down. I took out my pad of paper and pencil and pretended to write notes. He just stared at me as he was talking on the call. I knew he was watching so I started unbuttoning my blouse and rubbing my chest. He was shifting in his seat so I knew he was thinking it. I then walked over where he was sitting and I pretending to trip by his lap. I smiled and did a pretend quite giggle. He rolled his chair so my face was near his goods. I picked up the pencil and just sucked on it and walked away.

When I went back to his seat I opened my legs to cross them long enough for him to know I didn't have underwear on. He just looked at me. My heart was racing because I didn't know if he was going to kick me out or let me keep going on with my marketing skills. I took my hair out of a bun and shook my head so the locks would fall. I removed my glasses and sucked on the side of one pretending that I knew what he was talking about. I then got up and took my jacket off. I purposely wore a white blouse with no bra so he could see my nipples.

I guess I caught him off guard because they kept saying his name on the call to ask what he thought. He quickly shook his head and moved his pants and continued talking. Now that I know I am competing with the phone call I kept walking back and fourth to him and to my chair. Every time I went to my chair I took an article of clothing off. Again my heart was beating so fast but I had to act fast or I was waiting for security to come in and take me out of the building for misconduct.

Finally all that was left on me where my heals thigh highs and thong panties. Red lace thongs with black high heels. The final walk over to him I stuck my hand down my pants and started playing with myself. He quickly put his phone on mute, I quickly turned it off of mute. He smiled at me and pinched my tit. I took my finger out of my panties and stuck it in his mouth he moaned. The callers heard, he quickly said he stubbed his toe. I smiled and then turned the phone on mute.

I went between his legs and took out his cock. He was just looking at me. I took the call off mute and put my finger to his mouth. I started sucking him while he was on his call. I would get wetter and wetter when he would have to talk while I was getting him off. " AHH the annual numbers for....this per..period, ah mm were." He couldn't complete a sentence. When he did that I sucked him harder. Then the door opened and his secretary came in, I crept under his desk still sucking while he was talking to her and the call. Ah shit he said as he put his hands over his head. The secretary wanted to know if she could get the report he needed this afternoon. He shook his head with his mouth half open and trying not to moan. He waved her off to get out.

He was about to cum and I grabbed his balls and pinched them. I got up and put the call on mute and sat on his desk. I told him to feel the goods. He did and he wanted to know why I was doing this. "Doing what, marketing my goods? He nodded. I asked him if he wanted cream for his coffee he nodded. I just gave him a hand job until the call ended. When the call ended I started sucking him I told him to moan and he did. It was past 5pm so most of the office staff left.

He stood up and took my head in his hands and he told me my head needed to fuck his cock. I was trying to do the best that I could I told him. Not good enough if you want the job. I opened my throat and went up and down. He told me I was being a good girl and he kept doing it faster. When he came he gave me a pearl necklace to wear with my suit.

As I was leaving I was told to get to bed early as tomorrow started my first official day on the books. As well as being prepared that anytime he wanted to he could have my cream with his coffee.


  1. That was SO hot pulse is racing and all the other good stuff that happens when you get me going! ;^)


  2. Anonymous/Badside~

    That is what I like to hear. Your comments keep me motivated to write more and more and to make you feel good all over!

  3. Oh, I love this story! Very hot! Especially loved the final face fucking.

    I suspect you'll go far in the corporate world! ;-)

  4. Nice story! Really nice story.

  5. RiffDog-
    Thank you so much, face fucking I will remember that!

    Yes I have climbed many corporate ladders in my day.

    That is such a HUGE compliment coming from you. Thanks!!!

    Do you need a cold shower? LOL

  6. Hmmmm Shower? good idea.... cold, noooo hot is better

  7. Tim~
    Shower yes they are always good. Yes I like hot as well!

  8. excellent. Very good.

  9. Wow! I didn't know you had this in you girl. Very well written.

  10. You have no idea how many times I read these stories. I've never come across anything that's had this sort of impact on me. I simply can't get enough. Hopefully there are more to cum...I mean come. And if you ever want to be my intern I'll hire you in a heartbeat.

  11. And excellent post. Seems like great minds thing alike...

  12. hot !
    really like your blog.
    what you think of mine

  13. enjoyed the story- are their sequels? - M

  14. Very good- not only well written but scorchingly hot. I'm very glad I stumbled across this story today.